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Palm Springs Area Events

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Weddings generally have a lot of moving parts...

With experience working at local resorts and clubs in both planning and food and beverage, I know how hectic things can get. Event days are long, and the itinerary is strict, which can be hard on all involved- but especially the youngest participants. Set everyone up for a smooth and enjoyable time, and enlist a sitter to help keep the littles on track for their role, big or small.

Plan to have your sitter as an extra set of hands (or pair of feet!) to help chase, or step away as needed. Plan out a day where your child goes to a walkable room or rented space with their sitter to nap or eat, or maybe just LET LOOSE. It takes a lot for kids to contain their energy and a midday swim is sometimes the thing that will change the whole experience for everyone.

Don't go into your big important events HOPING for the best- reach out for some extra support and we'll ensure a smoother day.

You might also consider purchasing gift cards as gifts for your bridal party members with children- you can grab a few 

Cactus Field

Event rates

Pricing subject to change when there are multiple families, or when there are more than two children under the age of 2, or when the needs for the day require more attention.

Up to 2 children, w/ 1 sitter                       $32/hr


Up to 4 children, w/1 sitter                        $36/hr

Up to 6 children, w/ 2 sitters                     $65/hr




For more than 6 children, or for special circumstances/requests, reach out for pricing information. Rates will depend on number of children, ages, and location.


For bookings longer than 5 hours, please provide a vendor meal.

Cactus Field
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