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Introducing Educational Coaching

Kindred Kids is so excited to offer Educational Coaching! 

About Megan Miller

With over 18 years of formal experience as an education specialist Megan has taught K-12 students and post-secondary students within generalized and special education settings with an emphasis on empowering students to achieve their individualized goals. 


Megan has taught students in West Africa, as a volunteer in South Central Los Angeles, an Education Specialist in the South Bronx, NY and also, here within the Coachella Valley. Megan has also presented on inclusion design and equity access for students with exceptional needs for Rotary International at Unicemar, Brazil. Megan is currently completing her doctorate degree in educational leadership. 


Megan is an active mentor for post-secondary students looking toward their college and career goals, an Education coach for at home teachers instructing their children, a curriculum coach for modifying and accommodating students needs and a supporter of building self-confidence in students with an emphasis on strength based solutions.


Megan developed her passion for serving her community and in education from her father Thomas Lee Miller Jr. A local resident and business owner, Thomas regularly supported college students scholarships for local high school students. 


Megan is continuing his legacy at Kindred Kids by donating a percentage of her consulting fees to local high school students college funds. This TLC or Thomas Learning Community scholarship in his honor, will serve students who are low income or 1st generation students. As a fulltime student, parent and student worker, Thomas raised his family while supporting his siblings, family and himself as a young student at UCLA. By his early 20's, Thomas had created a highly successful real estate and banking firm, eventually becoming the Vice-President of Great American Bank in Los Angeles, California.


It is within the spirit of this legacy, that Megan is devoted to empowering the students in her community to access opportunities with an unlimited mindset and determination. Register for your educational consulting today! 

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