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    The Kindred Kids team is a collection of caregivers who together make it possible for parents to schedule time to take care of themselves, without the stress of wondering if childcare will be available. We strive to create calm and engaged environments for all families that we come into contact with and understand that your family has unique needs. Our caregivers honor the requests and requirements of your home.  Kindred Kids Creative Family Care serves the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas with on demand babysitting  for children from newborn through school aged kids. 

    The vision for Kindred Kids at its start, was to build a network of parents who could support one another through a moment in their lives when time for work, rest and self-care are so incredibly limited. With this model, more families are able to earn additional income with a flexible schedule that is needed for their young families, and in turn, there is more support to go around.


    With our easy to use scheduling system, you no longer need to call around to see if someone can take the kids before you can schedule that appointment you've been putting off- last minute friend or spouse dates are finally possible. You can plan ahead or decide last minute that you really need to get some things done... just head to our booking page and choose the time that works for you! 

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